The Embassy of the Republic of Burundi hereby informs the public that the fees of Entry Visas are henceforth 65 and 195 €*, for one month and three months respectively, to comply with the Ministerial Order on the matter.

Visa Information Sheet


  1. 2 (two) Completed Application Forms
  2. 2 (two) Passport Photos
  3. Travel Documents (valid for at least 6 months)
  4. Booking from a Travel Agency
  5. One return envelope (note that the Applicant is responsible for all postage fees)
    Payment of 65$ for a single entry Visa (1 month)OR 90$ for a multiple entries Visa (1 month).
  6. Invitation (NB: the invitation must be authenticated by the Immigration office in Burundi or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to be valid)
  7. Hotel Booking Confirmation

You can download a pdf version of the visa application (button below) that you can print out and mail to the embassy in Moscow, Russia.

Visa Application

14 (Fourteen) working days are required to allow the consular office to proceed the application.

* The information provided has to be accurate and as complete as possible. Any incomplete file or containing confusing information will not be accepted and no visa will be issued.

Travel Information

The Embassy would like to inform travelers to Burundi that the country still has a lot to offer in terms of touristic attractions.

The travel warnings sometimes found on the Foreign Affairs Ministries web sites of some of the Burundi partners are not accurate and aim at discouraging travelers and tourists.

There are no security issues specific to Burundi and no foreigner is targeted for being a foreigner.

Security of all citizens living in Burundi or visiting the country remains a top priority of the Institutions.

Burundi is connected to the world via many airlines from all the corners of the world.

So do not miss the opportunity to enjoy the 365 Burundi destinations.

COMMUNIQUE: Change in Visa Processing Duration

The public is informed that from February 22, 2016, the duration of visa processing will be 15 (fifteen) working days instead of 4 (four). Therefore, there is no more possibility of Express visa.

This notice does not apply on the holders of diplomatic and official passports.

Il est porté à la connaissance du public que la durée de traitement des dossiers de demande de visa d’entrée au Burundi est, dès le 22 février 2016, portée de 4 jours à 15 jours ouvrables. Pour cela, il n’y a plus la possibilité de visa express.

Cette mesure ne concerne pas les détenteurs de passeports diplomatiques ou de service.


Passport and travel document services

Please contact us for additional information on this issue.

Travel Documents fees and requirements

  1. 65 €* for a 3-month validity period from the issue date;
  2. Proof of citizenship, i.e. Burundian ID;
  3. A formal request addressed to the Ambassador;
  4. Copy of the legal status in the the residence country;
  5. Two-recent, Color, Passport-sized photos.

Document Authentication / Legalization, Certification fees and requirements

  • 30 €* per page
  • A formal letter of request addressed to the Ambassador
  • A prepaid return self-addressed

Renunciation to Burundian Nationality:

100 €*


Citizens from countries listed below are exempted of entry visa to Burundi

  • Democratic Republic of Congo;
  • Rwanda;
  • Uganda;
  • Tanzania;
  • Kenya;
  • Brazil.

However, nationals from the above countries need to have a valid passport issued by their respective countries.

* All fees related to consular services are non-refundable.

H.E. Gen. Maj. Evariste NDAYISHIMIYE, President of the Republic of Burundi since August 2020, who took over after Pierre Nkurunziza
President Pierre NKURUNZIZA
H.E. Honorable President Pierre NKURUNZIZA
Albert Shingiro
S.E. Le Ministre des Affaires Étrangères et de la Coopération au Développement, l'Ambassadeur Albert Shingiro
Ambassador Dr. Edouard Bizimana
H.E. Ambassador Dr. Edouard Bizimana, Burundi Ambassador to Russia