Statement by the Government of Burundi on the fight against Corona virus





1. In the framework of the fight against the Corona Virus, the Government of Burundi has taken, like the other countries of the world, measures to prevent and fight against the Corona Virus.

Through the concerned sectoral ministries, a series of measures were taken such as:

  • Hygiene measures to be taken suggested by the Ministry of Health and the Fight Against AIDS,
  • Quarantine measures for people coming from countries where the Corona Virus is already declared,
  • Measures to suspend the granting of visas,
  • Measures to suspend official missions abroad,
  • Measures to suspend flights at the International Airport Melchior NDADAYE and other related measures to those already taken, above-mentioned.

2. On behalf of the people of Burundi and on behalf of all the people living in Burundi, the Government of Burundi thanks the Almighty Good Lord who constantly protects Burundi inasmuch as so far, no case of Corona Virus has been reported throughout the national territory of Burundi. As many know, Burundi has no exceptional expertise in terms of prevention and fighting the Corona virus compared to other countries where this Virus is already reported, only the Mighty Hand of God has protected Burundi.

3. The Government of Burundi urges the population not to lower the guard and to continue to implement the measures to prevent and fight the Corona Virus already taken by the Government and other possible progressive measures which will be taken. The Government of Burundi requests the various Ministries, each with regard to its area of expertise, to step up the supervision of the population.

4. The Government of Burundi wishes to reassure public opinion in general and the Burundian population in particular that Burundi has adequate and sufficient equipment to test this virus, as evidenced by the case of the teacher of the École Française and other cases of different people tested where different results have shown that there is no case of Corona Virus so far in Burundi.

5. To this end, the Government of Burundi takes this opportunity to thank beyond words the Chinese Government and "Jack Ma Foundation" for the material and logistical support already granted in the context of prevention and fight against the corona virus.

6. The Government of Burundi takes this opportunity to warn anyone, Burundian or foreigner who, for various sneaky reasons of disorientation and manipulation of opinion, pretend to be ahead of the Government of the Republic of Burundi in taking extreme hasty unilateral measures contrary to those already taken or not yet taken by the Government. As an example, one could point out the closure of the École Belge and École Française, etc. For such or similar moves, the Government of Burundi stresses that it reserves the right to take appropriate measures relating thereto which are necessary, at the appropriate time.

7. The Government of Burundi condemns certain forked tongues or prophets of doom and gloom that spread rumors and spurt out venomous comments on various social media, that Burundi has no equipment to test the corona virus or that the Government of Burundi is concealing from the opinion that the virus is already reported in Burundi.

8. Even if the Covid-19 has not yet been reported in Burundi, now is not the time to lower the guard. This is why the Government of Burundi appeals to the people of Burundi and to all the people living in Burundi to comply with the measures already taken by the Government and other measures which will be gradually taken, depending on the evolution of the virus.

9. Finally, the Government of Burundi urges the population to stay calm cool and collected. As God has been put forward, all Burundians are requested wherever they are to always pray and implore God to continue to protect Burundians and foreigners living in our country.

Done at Bujumbura, 25th of March 2018


Secretary-General and Spokesman

of the Government.-

Statement by the Government of Burundi on the fight against Corona virus