The Embassy of Burundi in the Russian Federation informs the public that following the imbalances contained in the Africa, Caribbean and Pacific-European Union Partnership after 2020 (Post-Cotonou), Burundi will not be Party to it and will not sign the Agreement.

The Agreement gives too much powers to the European Union (a Party to the Agreement) over the ACP (another Party to the Agreement) on which EU can impose sanctions and decide which member country to impose sanction on without the consent of other member countries. This makes the Accord not an instrument for cooperation but a tool to sustain colonization and domination of the EU over ACP countries.


Burundi calls upon ACP countries in general and regional blocks like East-African Community, COMESA and Central African States Economic Community for more solidarity in order to reach a Win-Win Agreement with the European Union. In the same light, Burundi reiterates its decision not to sign the Partnership Agreement as long as the European Union maintains unjust sanction against Burundi and Burundi people.


Once more, Burundi takes this opportunity to express its gratitude to Tanzania and Uganda for expressing their opposition to the sanctions imposed onto Burundi and encourages other ACP countries to join them in condemning the unjust and unjustified European Union’s sanctions on a member country without consultation whatsoever with other member states, Parties to the Cotonou Agreement. ACP countries have to voice their opposition to an Agreement that will sustain colonization and strengthen the domination of one Party over another in favor of a Partnership Agreement based on mutual respect and legal equality of all member states.



Moscow, May 2nd, 2019