Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation for Development Magazine #122 of April 23, 2021

The First Lady receives in audience the winners of Miss Burundi 2021

The First Lady and at the same time President of the Organization of African First Ladies for Development in Burundi (OPDAD Burundi) HE Angeline NDAYISHIMIYE received in audience on Wednesday April 21, 2021, the Miss Burundi 2021 Miss Livia Thiana Iteka in the company of his two dolphines and the popular Miss Uwimana Dative.

In their discussions, the First Lady provided them with advice related to the respect for burundian culture. At the end of the audience,the First Lady Angeline NDAYISHIMIYE told the press that the objective was to express their full support for their very interesting and relevant projects which are in line with the ambitions of the Burundi OPDAD and its Good Action "Mugiraneza " foundation.

A space in the offices of OPDAD Burundi to hold meetings in order to refine the idea of setting up their cooperative as well as an envelope of encouragement were offered by the First Lady to the laureates of Miss Burundi 2021 edition. H.E Angeline NDAYISHIMIYE indicated to those who do not know, that Miss Burundi is the ambassador and embodies the burundian woman in all her values. She urged these laureates to be role models for burundian youth.

On behalf of the 4 lucky winners of Miss Burundi 2021, Miss Livia Thiana Iteka welcomed the advice given to them by the First Lady and saluted her gesture of granting them a space to implement their cooperative project.


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Magazine M.A.E.C.D 122 23-04- 2021 (English)