After the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Burundi (Res.33/24) published a fake report on Burundi based on false allegations and concluded it by calling on the International Criminal Court to “investigate possible crimes against humanity” in Burundi, the Embassy of Burundi in the Russian Federation would like to communicate the following:

1. The report is a compilation of fabrications collected through social media with a clear objective of a Regime Change in Burundi.

2. The human rights “experts” willingly forgot to mention that Burundi has been attacked twice and suffered a coup attempt that followed internal violent insurrection and which claimed humans lives in the country;

3. The Commission is rather being used by some European countries to fulfill a hidden agenda aiming at destabilizing Burundi and the region.

4. The Embassy of Burundi would like to stress the consequences of such a move on the country and the region’s efforts to find a peaceful solution and bring Burundians together;

5. The commission did not say anything about the killings and violent acts perpetrated by the demonstrators and the persons who organized and financed the May 2015 coup attempt and document crimes committed by the opposition and armed groups;

Therefore, the Government of Burundi rejects the report because it lacks professionalism and credibility. At the same time, the Government and people of Burundi strongly condemn the attempt to undermine the sovereignty, peace and stability of Burundi by misusing Human Rights to promote selfish interests of Western powers in Burundi and in the region.

Furthermore, the attempts and pressure to influence the International Criminal Court to rush into investigation in Burundi is another evidence of an evil agenda to destroy Burundi and its people. The Government, Embassy and people of Burundi would like to warn the International Criminal Court about the consequences of such act which will strongly undermine what remains of its credibility. Burundians will resist against any attempt to undermine the sovereignty of the country and their efforts to reconcile through inclusive dialogue.


Moscow, September 8th, 2017