This November 25th, 2016, Burundi opened a promotion spot in Moscow for tea and coffee from Burundi. A big delegation from Burundi and headed by Mr. Deo Bede Mpfubusa, Chief Cabinet of H.E the Second Vice President took part to the ceremony. « This is a turning point in the relations between Burundi and Russia », as Burundi Ambassador put it in his remarks.

They are indeed reaching another step forward looking into trade and business opportunities. Last month, an new enterprise (LISMA) from Russia launched its activities in Burundi and today we are opening this promotion point in Moscow.

Before this function part of this delegation is just arriving from Saransk for other contacts and talks in order to enhance trade and investments activities. This succession of events and the intensive visits is a clear indication that relations between Burundi and Russia are gaining a new momentum.

In May 2016 I met Mr. Lebedev and talked about possibilities of opening business ties with his enterprises. In June 2016, H.E the Second Vice president of Burundi met with Mr. Lebedev an elaborated more on various subjects of mutual benefits.

Among these was the promotion of tea and coffee from Burundi in Russia. Mr. Lebedev gladly offered to provide a space in his building to serve as not only as a promotion point but as an information center on Burundi’s investment opportunities to the Russian business community.

At long run, Burundi wishes this project to grow in a joint venture enterprise not only for coffee and tea but also for other sectors like tourism, agriculture, technology …. In this regard Burundi gladly welcomed the request by Mr. Lebedev of taking two elephants in Burundi in the framework of his environment protection initiative.


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