To many it is just a day

Eventless and not worth a say,

But to me, Saturday is a blessing:

Born on a Saturday,

I got married on a Saturday,

Turned 50 on Saturday,

Though, not my business,

I wish my departure could be a…

Today’s birthday is not a lost day

But a day of remembrance

Of the daily blessings

A day of joy.

A day of a new beginning:

50 years, that is 1576800000 blessings

50 years means the end of a period of hardships

An open door to a happy and blossoming life

Reward to past efforts and pains

That is why I rejoice in this Feb 10th, 2018.

50 years of journeying

From Rwoga to Moscow

From sun to snow:

Saturday Feb 10th, 1968

Rwoga was sunny and shining

But Saturday Feb 10th, 2018,

Moscow is snow white,

Chilly but charming.

On this Feb 10th, 2018,

Friends and family wished me well

And in their hearts, they promised me to dwell

No birthday gift do I claim,

No cake, no feast, no flowers,

But a simple prayer

And a thanksgiving

To the Blessed Giver of life.


By Edouard Bizimana on his birthday